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What’s Next on Netflix

I finally finished Gossip Girl (for the second time) and it was just as good as I remembered. I didn’t doubt it would be for a second. But, wow can six seasons suck the time out of you. I kept wanting to hurry up and finish so I could get on with my life, but that would mean watching more and more episodes. It’s a vicious cycle. The husband would ask me to (fill in whatever household chore I don’t want to do because I rather watch Gossip Girl): sorry I can’t, I’m watching  ...

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Personal, Tidbits

Mid-Month Instagram Round Up

It’s the middle of October! Where has the month (and year) gone? If you’re just now tuning in, I challenged myself earlier this month to blog everyday! There have been a lot of new posts on Because I Said So; catch up here or read the fast, spark notes version below. October 1st, I started attending a new church and working my way through 1 Corinthians. I currently use a combination of the Beautiful Word Bible which is NIV and the Bible app on my phone in the Message  ...

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Essential Oils for Seasonal Discomforts

For the past few weeks I’ve been sniffling and sneezing non-stop. The kind of sniffling and sneezing that keeps my husband up at night. And that makes my eyes and nose feel 5x bigger than they actually are. Ugh. I’ve tried it all, complete with mountains of tissues by the bed every morning when I woke up. Finally, I turned to my essentials oils. I know, shouldn’t that have been the first thing I tried? My go to line up for this type of seasonal discomfort and overall ickiness are  ...

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Tips and Tricks

3 Tips for Making a Master List (and Why You Need One)

Dream big darling–you can do hard things. Hard things like be an adult, save money, and make a master list. Believe me, I’d rather spend my paycheck on all of the clothes and home decor instead of saving for emergencies and a new car (even though that WILL be pretty awesome, eventually). If you don’t have a master list of all of the things you want/need, stop what you’re doing, grab a piece of paper (or a cute notebook—P.S. this is an affiliate link which means  ...

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