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Touchdown Turnaround | 3 Fantasy Football Tips

Over the years, I’ve become a football fan by default. I mean, have you met my husband? For those of you who haven’t, he’s a die hard Steelers fan. Like Steelers bedspread, Steelers wallpaper, the works. We’ve been together almost 9 years (8 years dating and almost 1 year married!) so I’ve picked up a tolerance of the sport along the way. I participated in my first fantasy football league in college. I’d like to think I crushed it (because I actually  ...

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Inspire Your Week | Two Must Read Books

I’ve always LOVED to read. In Kindergarten I was at the top of the class for most books read and difficulty level. In elementary, I read all of the AR books and got all of the points. I love a good beach read and a good book in a nice hot bubble bath. But these days, I find myself reading books that can help me grow as a person and that inspire me to be my best self. When Emily Ley came out with her book, Grace Not Perfection, it had my name written all over it and I knew I had to  ...

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Strawberry Basil Lemonade Spritzer Recipe

Happy happy Wednesday! We’re half way through the week and if that’s not reason to celebrate, I don’t know what is! I’m celebrating with a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc (from New Zealand), but when I’m not drinking wine, I love sweet drinks. Think juices and lemonades! This lemonade recipe is a twist on your typical strawberry lemonade. It’s perfect for hot summer nights (and afternoons) and just the right amount of refreshing for when I get home from a  ...

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Insta Love | Sharing the Blogger Love on Instagram

Oh Instagram. Where do I begin? Tons of people hate the platform now that the algorithm has changed. But most have mixed feelings. I’m one of those. Regardless of the algorithm, I still love Instagram. I know, I know, unpopular opinion over here. The main reason I (still) love Instagram, is that it can be so inspiring. Hear me out. People try so hard to make their images look a certain way or have a certain feel–and maybe I’m a sucker, but that works for me! I surround  ...

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