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This is How We Do It | Tips for Creating Your Wedding Playlist

When planning your wedding (and your wedding playlist), there can be so many tedious tasks. From choosing the cake topper to the color of the ribbon on the bouquets, a lot of the decisions you make seem meaningless. And they probably won’t be noticed by anyone but you. EVERYONE, however, will remember the music and either how it was so awesome that they never left the dance floor, or how they never wanted to get out on the dance floor. For our December wedding, we got a DJ. It ended  ...

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July Tidbits | Let’s Catch Up

Is it just me, or has this month flown by? From vacations, to birthdays, to maintaining the work/life/wife balance, I’ve been busy–so let’s catch up! Grab a coffee and let’s get started.   TIDBITS I turned 26 this month! Holy guacamole batman; I feel old. This year I got to celebrate by going on vacation with my work family (all expenses paid). As in we shut the office down to all go on vacation. Not a terrible way to celebrate 26 years of being alive.  ...

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Three Tips for Bringing Your Dog to the Beach

This past week, Josh and I went on a marathon of a vacation. It started out with my family at a condo in Navarre Beach that included a trip to the dog beach, transitioned to a vacation with my company that was also company paid, and ended at my aunt’s condo and a concert in Orange Beach. Like I said, marathon. While we were in Navarre Beach, which is the most beautiful, serene beach between Pensacola and Fort Walton/Destin, we took Laney to the dog beach. It can be a lot of work  ...

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The Perfect Gingham Dress

Happy Friday! I’ve had quite the week: I’ve been on vacation, turned 26, and have been having the most fun ever. Have you seen my Instagram? Swoon worthy y’all. Can I go on vacation every week? The best thing about vacation, is getting to wear vacation clothes. You know, the clothes that don’t scream I work in an office all day? I was excited to break out this gingham dress and give it a spin around town! I’m not going to lie. The first time I saw the gingham  ...

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