Because I Said So


Ten Favorite Things about the New Year

I recently discovered Brianna and her fabulous blog, Endlessly Beloved. If I had a goal as to what my blog would look like, her’s would be the model. This is my first ever link up so…hoping all goes well. one. New year, new start. It feels like a clean slate. You can be whoever you want to be and do whatever you want to do. two. Ringing in the new year. Fireworks. A kiss at midnight. Champagne. The works! three. Cold weather. Pretty much guaranteed even in South Louisiana! four.  ...

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Happy Birthday Bugga!

Today is a very special day! LANEY’S THIRD BIRTHDAY!! Meet Laney: my spoiled rotten Jack Russell terrier mix that Josh and I adopted sophomore year of college right before an accounting exam. (I think I got a 56 and he got a 63 on that test–oops) Best decision ever! Maybe not in that order, but still. The past three years have been a roller coaster ride. Literally. Whoever said adopting a dog is the best birth control is seriously on point! She is literally a little furry child!  ...

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Tips and Tricks

DIY: How to Paint an Upholstered Chair

Yep that’s right. Painting fabric. I got the idea from here and here. (both great DIY blogs!) This project is not for the faint of heart, even though it does sound rather easy. I mean how hard to is to slap some paint on some fabric and call it a day? Well actually, it’s very hard. Four coats hard. Not to mention, you have to see the “diamond in the rough.” For me, this was easier said than done. Just look at the chair. Hideous right? This is the BEFORE; almost  ...

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Football, Tips and Tricks

And Just Like That

It’s the weekend again! I don’t know about you, but the holidays (Christmas AND New Year’s) has really thrown my schedule off kilter. I woke up yesterday thinking it was Monday and Friday at the same time! Well today is actually Friday and yesterday wasn’t actually Monday, so thank goodness for that! Weekends are my fave (reasons here), but this weekend I have a few super fun things planned. One being a fun DIY project (enlisting help from my mom) and the other  ...

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