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ATTENTION. I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT! ONE OF MY BEST FRIEND’S IS ENGAGED! I repeat: One of my best friend’s is engaged. When Rebecca called me Thursday night, I almost didn’t believe her. All she had to say was “Allison” and I knew what she was going to say. Every time I hear the story about how he asked her to marry him and how he asked her parents for permission to ask, I almost cry. Disclaimer: All photos by Courtland Wells. Fabulous job. They will  ...

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Bridal Shows and Wedding Woes

As girls, most of us start planning our weddings at a very young age. I am no exception. My Pinterest board “Dream Wedding” has basically everything picked out–from the ring to the decor.  One thing I’ve been exposed to, since working in the industry, are wedding shows. You know the ones where a million vendors gather in one place in hopes of booking weddings? Yea those. (We actually have one today–bring it on!) As a bride I can’t imagine the amount  ...

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