Oh What a Year-2017 in Review

It’s been a bit since I’ve hopped on the blog to share my thoughts with y’all. To be honest, it’s been a nice break. But since today is the last week day of 2017, I thought I’d recap some of my favorite moments (and posts) from this year!

As a whole, 2017 was our first year married and we celebrated a year in our house! We made so many memories and I truly hope 2018 tops this year.

Looking back at my 2017 goals, I realize that I forgot about most of them and achieved slim to none of them. Which is ok. I keep saying that 2018 is my year, and I’m starting to believe myself! Look for a Goals/Resolution Post in the next few days!

Our fifth annual Steelers/Pittsburgh trip! We drove through snow on the way up and it was the coldest game we’ve ever gone to! We typically drive (15-17 hours), so the next time you’re on the road for even half of that time, check out my playlist here. P.S. This year, I think we’re flying!

We spent a lot of time down the river and taking the boat out whenever we could. Over the summer, we had the most epic beach vacation starting in Navarre Beach and ending at a FGL concert in Orange Beach, Alabama. There are worse things than celebrating your birthday at the beach/by the pool.

One Piece

Tory Burch Bag | Lululemon Leggings

I got more into style/fashion posts this year and partnered with a local boutique to bring you some of my favorite outfits! I hope to continue this trend into the new year! I also continued to blog about my wedding and tips I have for brides to be because it was just that much fun and I want to keep reliving it forever.

Wedding Under the Pergola

In October, I hit a goal I didn’t really know I could attain–I was accepted into the family! You can shop some of my favorite items straight from Instagram and by clicking on links throughout my blog posts. These are known as affiliate links. Meaning, when you click the link, I’ll make a small commission off of your click. If you buy something from that link I’ll also get a commission–YAY! I try to disclose affiliate links for y’all so you don’t feel blindsided.

Also in the month of October, I tried my hardest to participate in Blogtober (blogging every for the entire month). I started off strong, but fizzled out towards the end. Maybe next year!

Approaching November had me feeling all the feels. We celebrated NINE WHOLE YEARS of being together and then three days later, celebrated our one year wedding anniversary!

All in all, what a year! I hope you continue to follow along with me throughout this next year because like I said earlier, 2018 is my year! Happy New Year everyone!

P.S. Take a look back on 2016 and 2015!

  • Ruthie Ridley

    Congrats on your anniversary, like to know it and everything else!! Love that you have been blogging since 2015!!

  • Sounds like it was an amazing year! I’ve been the same way, coming back after a little break from blogging for my “end of year” posts 🙂

  • GH Client

    You’ve had quite the year! Happy 1 year anniversary!

    April |

  • Tracy Iglesias

    Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year, it looks like 2017 was a very busy year. I haven’t decided yet if I want to do an end of year post.

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  • Happy anniversary to you guys! I absolutely love that photo of you both on your wedding day. Stunning!