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Mid-Month Instagram Round Up

It’s the middle of October! Where has the month (and year) gone? If you’re just now tuning in, I challenged myself earlier this month to blog everyday! There have been a lot of new posts on Because I Said So; catch up here or read the fast, spark notes version below.

October 1st, I started attending a new church and working my way through 1 Corinthians. I currently use a combination of the Beautiful Word Bible which is NIV and the Bible app on my phone in the Message translation. For me, it really helps with understanding–sometimes you need to read it in today’s speak to really get it.

Coffee has been life over the first half of the month and I don’t doubt that it will continue to get me through the work days. I’m not a morning person no matter HOW hard I try. Plus, there’s this adorable new coffee shop down the street from my office that we literally visit everyday. Follow me on Instagram stories to see more!

But First Coffee

I’ve been working on incorporating more outfit posts into the blog–YAY! And even though Louisiana is slow to welcome Fall, we may get some cooler weather next week. Fingers crossed. Until then, I’ll be rocking these outfits and incorporating tiny amounts of Fall (like denim + this gorgeous green color).

Black and White Stripes | Denim Fall Outfit

(Causal Friday)

Going Green | Fall Outfit | Hunter Green Dress

(Going Green)

We’ve been incorporating essential oils into our home and have slowly been getting rid of toxic chemicals–don’t even get me started on dryer sheets. This post outlines how I deal with the seasonal funk and ickiness that inevitably happens when the seasons change. Plus, I’m totally loving our camera at the office (the pictures in this post turned out so amaze-balls).

YL Essential Oils | Essential Oil Diffuser | Young Living

What have you done so far this month? Don’t forget to follow along on Instagram!

  • Shelby Stover

    Love that you’re starting out with EO’s! I use them to diffuse but also in cleaners, laundry and for some aches/pains/bites- enjoy playing with them!

  • Sam Temsah-Deniskin

    Oooh, want to try that coffee! Looks delicious