Going Green | A Fall Outfit for Summer-like Weather

The weather in Southern Louisiana is whack. I probably complain about it more than I should (but I really just want to wear a Fall outfit and not be dying from heat stroke).  I mean come on. It’s October and it feels way more like Summer than it does Fall. Not to mention we just had a close call with a hurricane. In October!

I actually walked outside this morning thought “ugh” and went back inside to rethink my outfit for the day. While there may be no hope for the weather here anytime soon (I checked), I found a way to work my Fall-like wardrobe in.

Green Dress for Fall


Enter this dress. The perfect color green for Fall and so easy to throw on and dress up or down! If it were colder outside, I’d pair this dress (from Obsession) with a nice plaid blanket scarf or my brown infinity scarf and booties or knee high boots.

Since it’s currently 88° at 6PM (wut), I’ve gone with a few necklaces in lieu of the scarf and these heels inside of boots or booties.

Fall Heels | Shoes for Fall | Heels for Fall

My wardrobe is more than ready for Fall, if only the weather would get with it!

Fall Outfit for Summer-like Weather

  • I love this dress and it’s such a pretty color on you! I’ve been looking for a dress like this, something that I can wear in this weird warm fall weather but still kinda feel fall-ish

    Kendall at Wear She Blossoms

  • Cute dress! Would be perfect for us in FL!

  • I love this whole outfit!!! I completely feel you with this weather!! I live in TX but I’m from LA and I just want it to be Fall already. I have so many Fall clothes that I want to wear so badly.

  • Love this outfit! It is definitely for this hot fall weather we’ve been having!

  • Very cute – I love that rich autumn color in such a light, flowy fabric! Also, your accessories are so cute!

  • Karoline J.

    Love the color! Beautiful outfit 🙂

  • Ashley Stephenson

    I totally feel your pain. In NC it is going to be in the 80s and all I want to wear are my fall clothes! We are going towards the mountains this weekend for a charity hike so it may be a little cooler there!

  • I love this shade of green! I really wish it would cool down here too. I can’t where anything fallish yet! It’s high 80s…smh.

  • guh this color girl- it gives me all the fall vibes ha- and yes its in the 80s here at time in ATL but so glad fall is finally reaching us ha!

  • Kristen Jones

    I just LOVE the color of this dress. I’m obsessed with your shoes, too! It’s been in the 30’s in PA and I’m bundled up in 400 layers trying to stay warm!

  • I love this teal color – super cute and it looks super comfortable too! You could even pair it with boots!

  • I am loving this dress and the color of it. I have something to this dress but in lilac.

  • Thena Reading-Franssen

    Totally love this dress! The color and style are beautiful!!!