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5 Most Used iPhone Apps

It’s no secret that I’m addicted to my phone! With smartphones, it’s like you don’t need a computer to get all of the things done anymore. I use my phone for work, when I’m bored, for my side hustle, and everything in between. Other than the obvious (phone, text messages, email), here are my five favorite and most used iPhone apps.


Who didn’t see this one coming? I typically post once a day (except the weekends) and with the addition of Instagram Stories, even with the algorithm issues, it’s still one of my favorites. I’m now very into their Polls and what to ask everyone for their opinions. I’m not quite ready to let Instagram go, so help me reach my short term goal of 5k and follow me here!

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My second most used and favorite app–Twitter. I use it for blogging and for random thoughts throughout the day! Follow me here.


When I need a break, I play Gardenscapes. It’s like Candy Crush, but in my opinion, way better! It has a little bit of a plot and it’s so addicting. If you download it, don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Discovering new music and re-downloading old music is something I do almost every day. And since I have Spotify Premium, why pay for each song on iTunes? I also really like making playlists to organize all of my new (or old) songs.


I love using Canva on the computer to make my blog Pinterest images. But, if I’m in a pinch and on the go, I can create these graphics from my phone–which I love! True story: I did this last night with yesterday’s post. (I also drafted a majority of the post in my WordPress app–which is a close 6th place in this line up.)

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Other favorites include Pinterest, WordPress, and my Fitbit app. What are your favorite and most used iPhone apps?

  • I love all of these apps! Except Gardenscapes but only because I haven’t ever tried it… but now I might have to!

  • Liz

    Literally was about to open Gardenscape after I read some of your blogs… So. Addicting.

  • I loooooove Twitter! 1000% will have that app on every phone I have. i love Canva too, but have never tried it on my phone!