Sunday Thoughts | Tips for Finding Your Church Home

Happy Sunday everyone! Today’s the day for church going, cleaning house, grocery shopping, and football watching.  Literally, all of these are on my list for today.

I don’t typically write about my faith, but for a few months now, I’ve been looking for a church to join. I say months because I’ll go to a church service one Sunday and not go for awhile and then try another and then not go for awhile. Today, I visited a church and was so encouraged that I HAD to share it with someone. I may have found a church to go to weekly. The entire experience was one I hope everyone has. Immediately when I walked into the foyer, someone came up to me, introduced themselves and all of their friends. I’ve never experienced that before. Usually I’m like a lost puppy, sitting on the last row, doing my own thing. I sat on the first row with these girls that I had just met during the service, worshipped and was encouraged with them. It was so refreshing.

The first song we sang during worship was Your Love Never Fails. How cool is that? I mean after looking for a church, not really making an effort to go to church some Sundays, God’s love never gives up. It never runs out on you or me. I mean that speaks to my soul and encourages me so much I can barely describe it.

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For those of you out there looking for a church home, I have a few tips that may help!

Go to Multiple Churches

There’s a church out there for everyone.  And everyone will feel differently about which church they feel most comfortable in. So visit multiple ones! You may have to visit ten or more before you find your fit (but hopefully not).

Try Different Service Times

Sometimes churches do different types of worship at different times. For example, an 8:15 service time may be more traditional hymns, while a 9:30 service time may be more contemporary. So if you found a church, try different service times.


Be Open Minded

It’s so hard to go to a new church and not know anyone. Believe me, I know. But keep an open mind and heart. You’re there to worship, first and foremost. Really listen to the message and base your decision off of that (as opposed to not knowing anyone).

Church Tips | Find Your Church

I hope y’all have a great Sunday!

P.S. Look for a post EVERY DAY this month-happy Blogtober!

  • I have had such a hard time finding a home church as well. I had one I LOVED when we lived in Vegas but since moving back to California one just hasn’t stuck out to me. You’ve definitely encouraged me to keep trying!