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3 Tips for the Anxious Flier

Good morning early birds! I’m off to Orlando bright and early for a day of fun–no work allowed! If you’ve been around the blog for awhile (and even if you haven’t) you may know that I’m an anxious person. This translates to anxiety when flying-which then translates to we’re flying to Orlando and I’m freaking out.

To all of my anxious fliers, this post is just as much for you as is it for me. Here are my top tips for staying cool, calm, and collected during your flight time.


If you haven’t heard of Stress Away–run, don’t walk and get you some! Literally a miracle in a bottle. Stress Away along with Lavender are my go to essential oils to calm me down. On any given day, I’m usually wearing Stress Away along with a few other go-to oils. Apply on the wrists and behind the neck to destress. Or simply inhale to de-stress in a hurry.

Tips for Anxious Fliers | Essential Oils | Young Living | Stress Away


Music is a powerful tool. Think about it–some of the most memorable things that happen in our life have music involved. Which is why it’s one of the things I turn to when I’m stressed or panicking. I have countless playlists on my phone labeled everything for “Chill Out” to “Calm Down.” Check out one of my playlists below:


Or two. Really, read anything. Taking my mind off of the present situation usually calms me down quick. If I don’t bring a book, I’ll read everything in the chair-pack–from the safety manual (I literally memorize that every flight) to the magazine from a few months ago. Once I tried the origami craft that I found in the Southwest Airlines magazine.

Flying for Anxious People | Tips for Anxious Fliers

Do you get anxious when you fly? What helps you?

  • Ashley Stephenson

    I rarely get nervous or anxious about the flying part but I do get nervous about my ears popping. My ears tend to pop and hurt the entire flight – like sometimes crying pain so I always try and make sure I have plenty of gum or things to keep my mind off the pain!

  • Shannon

    I am actually TERRIFIED of flying – it seemed to develop into a phobia after watching my mother get anxious on planes whenever we flew places as a family. I usually have to take medication to help calm my nerves, but I find even that doesn’t always work. I will most DEFINITELY be trying some of your tips listed here! I love the lavender oil idea, I never even thought of that. I have tried reading, but I find, if turbulence starts happening, then I can’t focus on anything I’m doing, whether it be reading or watching a show (which can also sometimes help me). Any suggestions for that?

    Thanks for the great ideas! 🙂

  • Neely

    yes to the playlist. When I turn on something calming or even a podcast I distract myself

  • yes to a calming playlist! helps so much!!

  • I love relaxing music when I fly! It helps me fall asleep and eases my anxiety!

  • shootingstarsmag

    Great tips. I need to get that essential oil. I’ve gotten better but flying does make me a bit nervous still!


  • Krystin

    These are great tips, I need to get some essential oil! I’m a pretty good flier, but always looking for something to help calm me down!

  • So glad I’m not an anxious flyer! I think these tips would be so helpful for someone who is, but I am so happy I love flying!

  • I thankfully do not have any issues with flying. These are great tips though!! I love stress-away!!!

  • These are great tips! I travel all the time, but even I get nervous from time to time. The perfect playlist is necessary!

  • Stephanie Parrell

    Love this! I am an ok flier but the whole traveling thing in general can stress me out a little. I like the idea of the essential oils. 🙂

  • We’re going to be flying for the first time in April and I’m definitely going to be bringing some essential oil lol

  • Reading a book has always been so helpful for me. It’s the only way I made it through my first ever flight.

  • Kari Jonard

    I’m not an anxious flyer but these tips seem fantastic for anytime the stress levels get too high.