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Top Wedding Magazines You Need for Inspiration

Oh happy day! You’re getting married or know someone who is! Whichever boat you find yourself in I think we can all agree that wedding magazines are highly addictive (I know I’ve been flipping through them for years) and chock full of all things pretty!

One of the first things that you’ll do after you get engaged, is buy at least one wedding magazine! I promise. If you don’t buy it for yourself, you’ll have someone gift you one…or a few. There are SO many different wedding magazines out there and choosing the right ones to spend your now wedding budget-ed money and oh so precious time on can be difficult. Here are my picks:

One of the first things you'll do after getting engaged is get your hands on a wedding magazine! Click To Tweet

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Southern Weddings Magazine

I would say you could buy just this one and be done–that’s how much I love this magazine. It’s thicker than most wedding magazines (which means all of the tips) and typically has real weddings in it that will give you all of the Southern Wedding goals and feels! Pair that with their planner and you’re set!

New Orleans Wedding Magazine

Where are my Louisiana brides at? If you’ve grown up anywhere near NOLA or if you’re having a destination wedding (good city choice!) you’ll want to pick this magazine up. Their styled shoots are perfect for finding unconventional wedding venues you may not have had on your radar! P.S. If you think the magazine has tons of vendor suggestions/options, you should check out their bridal show!

Wedding magazines are slightly addictive + very pretty--I mean, have you picked one up lately? Click To Tweet
New Orleans Bride Magazine

Louisiana girls, I’ve got another one for you! This magazine has beautiful pictures and you’ll want to pull out the pages and instantly make your wedding look like everything on that page. Trust me on this one. Though a little hard to navigate, you’ll also want to check out Let them Eat Cake–the official blog for this magazine! They offer etiquette advice and answer your burning wedding questions!

Bridal Guide

A great national magazine that has articles on best gowns, beauty routines, honeymoon ideas, and how to handle the stress that inevitably comes with planning your wedding! This is a great magazine to have in your arsenal for wedding inspiration and advice for the big day!

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  • These all seem so great! I have some friends who might need these soon! 😉

    — Lisa //

  • Lowcarb Nocarb

    You are so right with the magazines. When I got engaged, I immediately bought bunch of them because you kind of don’t know exactly, what everything you need for a wedding. Lovely suggestions

  • Gina

    I had a super simple wedding as an adult. I remember being a teenager and looking at all the bridal magazines and making a “wish book” out of them!

  • amberdawn

    My sister is getting married soon! Need to grab her these ?

  • Ashley Stephenson

    We got engaged while we were vacationing in Florida and a close family friend lives there and she took me to a bookstore and no joke bought me like 10 magazines to go home with! It was great!!

  • im not looking for one at the moment but i will have to refer back at a later time.

  • Jessica Bradshaw

    Great picks ! I love bridal magazines. They are beautiful and so well made.

  • Mar

    I bet the southern weddings magazine has some beautiful inspiration, and outdoor weddings!

  • Neely

    loved southern weddings when I was engaged!

  • Kelsey H

    Ah I can’t wait until I get engaged so I can have all the wedding Inspo! xo

  • Lucy McGoldrick

    These all look great! I wish we had access to some of these here in Australia!

  • Love Southern Weddings magazine! I got a ton of inspo from it.

  • Oh Southern Weddings is the BEST. It was my favorite for inspiration when I was planning my wedding…and I still enjoy it. It’s just such a well-done magazine!

    Molly // Miss Molly Moon

  • I love peeking in wedding magazines even though I am decades away from getting married lol.

  • Alyssa Kolsky Hertzig

    I actually used to work for Brides magazine (as beauty director), so I just have to say that I LOVE that you are supporting print media! As a blogger now, I love digital, of course, but I’m always happy to see people still buying print!

  • I got a bunch when I went ring shopping! I would love to browse through Southern Weddings though! I bet they have some beautiful and unique stuff!

  • This is a great collection! I love wedding magazines and all things weddings! All I need is a man! LOL


    Berniedette |

  • Madelainxos

    These mags are perfect for planning the best day ever! Even though I’m married, we never had a wedding (military wife problems). One day 🙂

    Madelain |

  • I love Pinterest for wedding inspo but there’s just something about holding a MAGAZINE that can never be replaced!

  • I love browsing through bridal magazines. They always look so pretty and help me dream of the big day!

    Diary of a Debutante

  • I just love this post! When I got engaged I practically ran out to buy a bunch of magazines and they really made it feel real for me.

  • K’Lee Banks

    These look like excellent choices! My nephew and his fiancee are getting married next month and I’m wondering if she used any of these for inspiration. My youngest daughter does event planning and photography, so this post might be helpful for her to review.