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Three Things to DIY for Your Wedding

It’s no secret that weddings can be expensive. Which is why so important to prioritize what’s the most important to you and your wife or husband-to-be to help stay within your budget. There are a few simple things that you can DIY to help save you money and make your day truly special!

Your Centerpieces

Lantern Centerpiece | DIY Wedding Centerpieces | Inexpensive Wedding Centerpieces

My mom, Aunt Juju, and cousin Jessica put together most if not all of the centerpieces for our wedding. I’m so hashtag blessed that they all could’ve been interior designer/event planners in a different life. They took the extra flowers from our bouquet making party (more on that below), random vases and lanterns that my parents had around the house, and greenery and sticks from the yard to create something truly beautiful. This cost me absolutely nothing by the way!

Winter Floral Mix | DIY Centerpieces | Wedding Centerpieces DIY

Backyard Wedding Winter

Your Signs

DIY Welcome Sign | DIY Wedding Sign

Alternative Groom's Cake

Find someone in your life that can paint/design like my Uncle Jim. Seriously. When I showed him a sign on Etsy (that came with a $60 price tag + shipping), he said oh, I can do that! He gathered wood from my dad’s ever growing scrap wood pile (he’s a low-key hoarder–but thank goodness amiright?!) and made multiple signs that were custom to our wedding and what we wanted them to say. I actually cried when I saw the final because I was so relieved and so, so grateful!

Pick a Seat DIY Wedding Sign | Rustic Wedding Sign | Wedding DIY | Wedding Signs | Outdoor Winter Wedding
Instagram Sign for Wedding | Wedding Hashtag Sign | Wedding Hashtag | DIY Wedding Sign | Rustic Wedding Sign

Your Flowers

Hanging Table

Not everyone has the luxury of having a backyard wedding where the backdrop is literally nature (that’s FREE). I get it. However, you can DIY your flowers! My cousin did it for his wedding with the help of a small army known as the family (looking at you JP and Elise)Β and I did it for Josh and I’s wedding. Albeit, they were two different methods. For my cousin’s wedding, we bought flowers from Trader Joe’s and made all of the arrangements the day before. For my wedding, I used Flowers with Friends which I wrote about in this post! I can’t recommend them enough–especially since they were WAY cheaper than have an actual florist do the flowers!

Also, it’s been 8 whole months since we were married and I a.) never get tired of writing wedding posts and b.) am still swooning over Brittany Schlamp’s beautiful photography!

Will you (or did you) DIY for your wedding?

Wedding DIY | DIY Wedding

  • The signs your uncle painted turned out wonderfully! I love all of your little details and they look as professional as any.

  • I love your wedding decor! I DIY’d all the same things. Made our signs- they were different than yours but I made them in PicMonkey printed and framed them. Made all our bouquets with faux flowers from Afloral and our centerpieces too. It was fun and definitely cheaper than what some of these crazy places charge. My Dad made our card box too. After seeing the prices on Etsy he was like no way..I can do this!

  • Rachel Ritlop

    Your wedding decor is seriously gorgeous! I love it! And I couldn’t agree more that doing DIY for signs, flowers, and center-pieces saves a ton of money!

  • I totally agree with you on this! I DIY’ed all the centerpieces for our wedding (thank you dollar tree lol). I did end up buying a couple of wooden signs from Etsy, but I made sure they would double as home decor after the wedding. The largest one is hanging in our master bedroom and the smaller Mr. and Mrs. signs are part of our wedding gallery wall.

  • Kyla Matton Osborne

    It’s been 20 years since my wedding but I guess in a few years we may be looking forward to our kids’ weddings. Maybe more than a few. I want them to live a little before settling down! But I am totally in love with the beautiful decor that your family created for your wedding. Just gorgeous! And as a frugal mom, I totally approve of DIY. Weddings can be really expensive, so anything you can do to cut the costs…

  • Trecee Hutchinson

    Those arrangements are gorgeous! My bestfriend is getting married soon and we will be making her signs as well as a few other things! DIY can allow you to save sooo much money!


  • shootingstarsmag

    These are all great ideas. I love your centerpieces so much! I do think it’s a good idea to DIY things for the wedding if you can because it ends up saving a lot, I’m sure!


  • These are great ideas! I totally agree about the signs. I DIYed the centerpieces as well, though it was easy because they were mostly pineapples. haha

  • Krystin

    This is such a great post, love when people DIY for their weddings, adds such a nice personal touch to things!


  • Stephanie Parrell

    Love these simple center pieces.

  • I love your centerpieces and all the family touches. I had paper flowers because my husband is allergic to everything, and we love books. Sent away for paper flowers and my Mom put my bouquet together with my Nana’s old cameos and lockets and charms. We also gave vintage books as favors, and designed bookplates for them. And my Dad hand-lettered our invitation envelopes.

  • Sam Temsah-Deniskin

    The lantern, rustic centerpieces are divine!

  • Sara Montague Miller

    Wow, I am so impressed with all the DIY goodness! Looks like a beautiful wedding, and all those personal touches make it even more special!

  • I did my signs as well but thats amazing that you did the flowers!

  • Ruthie Ridley

    really fab ideas!! I wish I did more DIY projects for my wedding!!

  • Oddly enough my favorite part of wedding planning was all of the DIY projects I did! I totally agree about making all of the signs. Some of those prices are crazy!

  • These are so pretty! I think Pinterest has done a great job inspiring people to do more DIY!

  • These are so beautiful! It’s amazing how talented some people are. I can’t see myself being this creative, but I do want to DIY most of my wedding stuff.

  • For my first wedding we DIY our centerpieces, bouquets, wedding invitations, and the party favors. I definitely plan to do diy’s for my next wedding.

  • Yaasss! I need more wedding posts to read! Definitely looking into Flowers with Friends πŸ™‚

  • How beautiful!

  • So beautiful – I love the colors! I plan on DIYing invites and favors!


  • My Mom got remarried last summer and I helped her with all three of these DIYs. At my future wedding I will definitely incorporate DIY aspects. Your centerpieces and flowers looked SO stunning (:

  • Thena

    DIY weddings are the best. I did so much for our own wedding. Well, my mom did! πŸ™‚ These are super cute!

  • This is so funny because I was literally talking about his yesterday haha. I’m planning on DIYing all of these, with the exception of my own bouquet as of right now. But who knows! We still have a bout a year to go, so maybe I’ll decide to just DIY everything haha.

  • Anna Hubbard

    I think DIY weddings are so pretty!

  • Nicole Flint

    DIY weddings are the best! It definitely shows your creativity.

  • We definitely DIY’d the center pieces (water vases with cranberries & vases with ornaments on alternating tables) and DIY’d the signs for our wedding as well. I love your centerpieces and signs. So gorgeous!

  • You did a BEAUTIFUL job on those centerpieces!

  • I love how creative people get with DIY weddings. These are all great ideas. Those centerpieces are magical.

  • So creative!!!! I love diy weddings!!!

  • Your arrangements came out beautiful! We DIY’ed our tall floral arrangements for our reception tables and I was obsessed with how they came out! We also saved a ton doing it ourselves! Our florist quoted us thousands and it still wasn’t the exact vision I had. Glad we didn’t go that route!

  • Yes Yes Yes to all of this. I am so obsessed with your wedding and you did such A GREAT JOB!!

  • I got SO lucky with DIYing for our wedding! My mom made my gorgeous bouquet out of fabric flowers and my grandmother’s brooches. It is SO special and I have it in a vase at my house still. And my mother-in-law owned a wedding rental/vintage DIY company at the time and they made everything for us! It was beautiful!

    XO, Chelsea

  • I love these rustic style wood signs for an outdoor wedding! They’re so whimsical and sweet!

  • mckenna bleu

    Love it all! Great ideas!

  • I DIY’d some of my decor and it was definitely helpful. Love those wood signs.

  • Audrey Knizek

    Love the centerpieces! I can’t believe they cost you nothing to make. Your whole wedding looked beautiful!

  • I’m so obsessed with your wedding. The signs and centerpieces are amazing.

  • Everything you DIY’d looks so great! I’m so impressed!

  • Kristine Circenis

    I think DIY-ing your flowers is brilliant. Because of the usual several-hundred-dollar price tag that comes with flowers I didn’t want to have them at all. It just seemed like an absolute poor use of money. However, DIY-ing them has convinced me otherwise…

  • thesophiadiaries

    omg, the DIY looks so amazing!! I totally love!!! I definitely think I gotta do some of these for my own wedding, especially center pieces xD

  • Wow, these all look SO good, you did a great job! My bf and I have been talking marriage lately so this may be helpful very soon πŸ˜›

  • I’m so gonna DIY my wedding centerpieces! I love crafting.

  • These are so gorgeous – I LOVE the centerpieces especially! My boyfriend tagged me in a photo of a wedding sign much like yours (I don’t know if he’s hinting at something? haha!) but yes, it had a crazy price tag too! I love the idea of DIYing things for your own wedding!

  • This is gorgeous! I actually just helped a great friend of mine make all of her bouquets and centerpieces for her wedding. We had a whole team of girls, and half the flowers came from Trader Joe’s too! It was really fun and the ended up beautiful. Great tips!

  • Macarena Ferreira

    These are all so beautiful! I’m terrible at DIY haha, but I’m sure I can convince some of my friends to do it. πŸ˜‰

    xo //