5 Wedding Traditions to Break

Tomorrow Josh and I will have been married for 8 whole months! I believe in celebrating every little milestone even if it’s just mentioning it and doing a little jig. Seriously. As of a few days ago, we’ve been together (dating + married) for a total of 104 months. So, yea. WOW!

Anyways, when it came to our wedding, I knew I wanted it to be all about us. I mean obviously. But, that meant kicking some wedding traditions to the curb.


My dress, while mostly white, actually had a bit of pink to it. I didn’t technically plan it that way when I went to try on dresses. But, when you fall in love with a dress, there’s really no falling out of love. I also didn’t have a veil. I knew I wanted to wear my hair down, and a lot of my friends ended up taking their veils off as soon as the ceremony was over–so I didn’t see the point!

Pink Wedding Dress


Tradition has it that it’s bad luck to see each other BEFORE the ceremony. In our case, it would have been worse to wait. I needed to see Josh beforehand to calm my nerves and just breathe for a second. It was nice to have time to ourselves (trust me you won’t have any once the festivities start) and use that opportunity to exchange gifts and take pictures! I highly, highly recommend a first look!

Winter Wedding First Look


We didn’t get married in a church–or even by a preacher! We got married in my parent’s backyard under a pergola they built with their own hands–oh and our high school principal/Josh’s basketball coach married us! Like I said before, almost everything had a special meaning to us.

Wedding Under the Pergola


Josh hates most cake. He’ll eat it, but it’s not his favorite. Chocolate chip cookies on the other hand, now we’re talking. So instead of having a groom’s cake, we had cookies for the guests! It’s a lot less hassle and still great leftover (without having to freeze them).

Wedding Cookie Cake


Obviously, this isn’t for everyone (or everyone’s venue), but our dog-child was the flower girl. Partially because we didn’t know any young children, but mostly because she’s a HUGE part of Josh and I’s life and we couldn’t imagine NOT having Laney be apart of such an important day! P.S. We still have her flower crown (we dried it) and will likely keep it forever!

Dog in Wedding

Our wedding was clearly not a traditional wedding, but it was ours and we loved it! And at the end of the day, that’s what’s important! What wedding traditions did you/will you break?

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Wedding Traditions To Break

  • Aww this sounds like it was a perfect ceremony. It was tailor-made to suit your personalities and tastes – just the way it should be. After all, some rules are made to be broken. πŸ˜‰ You look absolutely beautiful, girl. All the best to you both. <3

    Christie’s Take on Life. xx

  • Chandni Patel

    The flower dog is my favourite… I agree that people feel obliged to follow traditions but it’s not a bad thing to stray away from them

  • I love the hint of pink in your dress! And one thing I wish I’d done differently was to wear my hair down and not wear a veil. I had no intention of wearing a veil at first but my mom put one on me while I was trying on my dress and she went nuts…I was so anxious and full of nerves over how much was going on that I just went with it because of how into it she was.

  • Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew

    One of my favorite weddings ever! I loved all of the unique details that you brought to y’all’s special day! So honored to have attended πŸ™‚ Love y’all!

  • Ashley Stephenson

    We broke some of the same traditions as well! We had a first look and it was definitely the best decision we made!

  • Sara Montague Miller

    I also did a first look and didn’t wear a veil! I’ve never seen a flower dog before–I’m so impressed that she cooperated! πŸ™‚

  • I love all of these!! I will for sure be having a first look, because that also gives the bride and groom more time after the ceremony to mingle and dance (and drink) with guests instead of taking their pictures after the ceremony. I think the idea of a flower dog is so cute!


  • I didn’t get married in a church and my dress was light gold haha so I was pretty non traditional myself.

  • Your wedding looked beautiful and it sounds like it was really special. I’m in the early stages of wedding planning and have only really thought of traditions I want to include. For instance, I don’t think I want to do a first look and I’d like to jump the broom. I don’t feel super strongly about my dress being all white, like u said, whatever speaks to me when the time comes is what I’ll go with!

  • That dress! MAGIC!

  • This is the cutest thing ever! I already know that if I do wear white, I want guests to wear white. I’d prefer some sort of pink / gold hues. One of my friends even did blue and it was iconic. I also know that I would prefer getting married at a beach but I need to get engaged first! lol

  • This was so cool! I love how you had a traditional wedding feel with a modern twist. Your dress was beautiful too! πŸ™‚

  • Rachel Lavern

    Congratulations. I, too, love traditions with a bit of a twist. Beautiful twist.

  • Your dress!! It’s stunning! I couldn’t agree more, some traditions just need to be broken. I loved doing all of our pictures before the wedding and doing a first look privately. Worked out great and our guests weren’t waiting for us to arrive at our reception!