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Oh Instagram. Where do I begin? Tons of people hate the platform now that the algorithm has changed. But most have mixed feelings. I’m one of those. Regardless of the algorithm, I still love Instagram. I know, I know, unpopular opinion over here. The main reason I (still) love Instagram, is that it can be so inspiring.

Hear me out. People try so hard to make their images look a certain way or have a certain feel–and maybe I’m a sucker, but that works for me! I surround myself with inspiring accounts and try not to worry about loop giveaways (which I mean come on its 2017 y’all), follow/unfollow, and algorithm changes.

For the aforementioned inspiration, here are a few accounts to follow:


Y’all. Amy is precious! I think I even messaged her, just to tell her that! I love watching her Instagram stories (especially when she’s talking her budget hauls) and her feed is so bright! Her style is also spot on and her discount shopping tips are on point!


Ever feel like “man I really wish I were friends with her IRL?” Jordan is that girl. I LOVE following her feed and her blog. I don’t really remember how I stumbled on her site, but I’m so glad I did. Her message is everything I need to hear at all times.  She speaks to my soul.


Y’all. This account is house goals–and BONUS you can rent it on AirBNB. I went to high school with the owner and it’s literally just the cutest place ever. I’m currently trying to plan a trip to Nashville just so I can stay there (not so subtle hint to the hubs)!


Sunshine accurately describes Shelby! Give me her style (and her record player) and I’ll be set! Also, if you’re ever planning a trip to Disney, stop by her feed–she goes almost everyday!


This girl boss right here, y’all. She works for Emily Ley + helps design THE Simplified Planner (if I were a designer–this would be a dream!) She also designed my blog logo, hey girl hey! Also, I’ll totally be trying to her inspiration board (second picture) this weekend!


Kate is one of the first Instagram accounts/blogs that I followed/read. I’ve loved following along as she graduated college and moved into blogging full time! Also, if I could share closets with one person, she’d be the one!

Also, if I haven’t given you enough accounts to follow already, follow me!

Instagram Accounts to Follow

  • Lots of great accounts to follow! I’ll be going to Nashville next year for my bachelorette party so I will have to check that out. LoneStarSouthern is one of my favorite accounts to follow!

  • Alyssa Kolsky Hertzig

    oh how fun!! i am always looking for new people to follow and I’m not following any of these people yet. will definitely check some of them out now!

  • These are all such great accounts! Carefully and thoughtfully curated! Thank you! Gotta check them out now!


    Berniedette |

  • kathy

    I don’t do enough on Instagram. You have motivated me to attempt to learn more about it and post more on it. I loved the accounts you highlighted…thanks

  • Ellis Ellis

    You may have motivated me to finally create an Instagram account :))

  • I definitely need to utilize instagram more! Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to check out the accounts you suggested, and yours of course!

  • Love finding new accounts to follow! Will have to check em out!

  • Love that you shared some of the ladies you love to follow! Amy is one of my faves, I’ll have to check out the rest.

  • I love following Kate (LoneStarSouthern). I am also on the fence about IG, I love all the pictures and inspiration but the algorithm is such a headache! All these accounts are so pretty!


  • Okay now I need to follow these accounts because i am loving their feed.

  • I LOVE Shelbyrevis, she has the most incredible style and she loves Disney! Now I want to follow Jordan.

  • Rachel Ritlop

    All of these women have great accounts!

  • thesophiadiaries

    oh these seem like such great accounts! I totally love the list you put together! If you have a chance to check out my account @thesophiadiariesblog 😉 I promise you wont be disappointed! x

  • I think Kate at Lonestar Southern was one of the first people I ever followed, too! I found her in a Google search and it was love at first sight! 🙂 Great list!

    xoxo, Paige

  • I love posts like these – sharing the love is something that we should all do as a community. 🙂
    I also love finding pretty new Instagram feeds to follow, so thank you for introducing me to these ladies. 😉

    Christie’s Take on Life. xx

  • Amanda Faber

    I have a love/hate relationship with Instagram. But without it I wouldn’t own half the clothes that I do!

  • This is such a cute post! I love seeing such support between Influencers. I do follow a lot of these lovely accounts.

  • I do have a love/hate relationship with Insta. Blogging-wise, the new algorithm is super frustrating. I feel like my photos don’t get as much attention as they did prior. As far as following accounts, I love it. I love how people tell their stories on Instagram, and I appreciate the people who put the time and effort into making beautiful aesthetics to tell their stories.

  • Samantha O’Brian Summers

    I love insta. Like, probably more than is healthy. I’m sure I’m not as effective as some of these ladies (which are superb choices). They keep me focused on my goals.

  • These are fantastic accounts!! I already followed a couple, and now follow the rest!

  • Kaitlin

    I love this post! I’m still a fan of IG too…I think I’ll always be a sucker for the simplicity of it! Thanks for sharing your faves 🙂

    – Kaitlin

  • These are all so great! That airbnb is so freaking cute too!

  • I love kate’s account!
    xo, hannah

  • Soul Scripts is the BFF everyone should have in their life!!!

    Grace |

  • Katrina Fox

    I love this recap! Thank you so much for sharing your favorites. I’ve been finding it really hard to find new accounts these days with Instagram’s changes. If you’re interested in connecting, I’m @thefoxykat1 🙂

  • Ohh I love these kinds of posts! Already following some so I’ll follow the others!

  • I love Whitv and I recently just started following SoulScripts. I’m definitely going to check out the rest! I love finding Instagram accounts that inspire me to be more creative with my own feed. Yours is actually one I turn to for inspo! Keep doing your thing, girl! xo

  • This is why I love being part of a blogging community! Seeing other women lifting each other up and using their platform to support each other!

  • I definitely agree that Instagram is one of my favorite platforms, however, I really dislike the new algorithm. I don’t get to engage with pages I am following as much as I’d like to sometimes and appreciated a chronological pattern. Oh well, such is life.

  • I love Instagram! Even though it drives me crazy sometimes. I follow almost all of them. Great accounts!

  • So many pretty accounts! I can’t wait to follow some of these ladies!

  • Miss Internet Girl

    Good post! Uplifting one another is how blogging should be 🙂 I wish all social media too. I will check out these people!