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This is How We Do It | Tips for Creating Your Wedding Playlist

When planning your wedding (and your wedding playlist), there can be so many tedious tasks. From choosing the cake topper to the color of the ribbon on the bouquets, a lot of the decisions you make seem meaningless. And they probably won’t be noticed by anyone but you. EVERYONE, however, will remember the music and either how it was so awesome that they never left the dance floor, or how they never wanted to get out on the dance floor.

For our December wedding, we got a DJ. It ended up being more cost effective than a band and still really fun. When we booked with our DJ, they wanted a list of songs to get to know our style. Instead of sharing just a few songs, Josh and I went overboard and made a whole playlist (that we still jam out to today). So as a self proclaimed playlist making champ, here are a few tips for choosing your wedding music:

1. Must be Dance-able

Choose songs that you can dance to! This is obvious, but when there is so much good music out there, it can be surprising that you can’t really dance to some of the songs. Sure it’s toe-tapping good, but is it a song you’d get up and move to? ALSO NOTE: some songs take a little more liquid courage to dance to than others. Keep that in mind when picking and choosing songs!

2. Variety

Weddings are notorious for bringing people of all ages and backgrounds together under one tented roof. Make sure there’s a little something for everyone to enjoy. Chances are, grandma isn’t going to like the newest Drake song (but hey, she might) and your sorority sister may or may not like the YMCA. Mix it up and bring all generations together–after all, you WANT people on the dance floor.

3. Mix it Up

In addition to variety, you’ll want to have a healthy mix of slow songs and fast songs and line dances. There’s nothing worse than having 10 slow songs in a row or no slow songs at all. Too many line dances and your crowd will tire out; too few and your guests may keep expecting it all night! Talk to your DJ (or band)–they’ll know what to do!

4. Have Fun with It

If you have fun picking out your songs (or at least letting the DJ know what you want and definitely DO NOT want played) chances are, your guests will have fun too!

Did you have a DJ or a band for your wedding?

  • When I first got married years ago we did a variety of music. Because I’m hispanic and my ex husband is white so we had to make sure we could please everyone lol

    P.s. loving these photos lol

  • These pics are SO fun. We had a variety. I am not the biggest fan of T Swift but my husband and stepson are and the DJ did a Taylor medley. It was hilarious and so fun!

  • Aww this is so much fun! I loved picking out songs.

  • Love this!! I think my dad will only pay for a band… ha!