Cause Baby You’re a (Firecracker) | One Piece Style

Happy Fourth of July Weekend! God Bless America and the fact that one pieces are a thing again. But seriously. I know I’m not just speaking for myself when I say that wearing a one piece this summer is high on my priority list! It’s not that I’m super insecure in a bikini; a one piece just keeps everything “in” and “together.” Plus the one pieces they have this summer aren’t boring!

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For me, this weekend has been centered around the water (have you read this post?) Last night we were on the river, today, by the pool. If that’s not summer-ing right, I don’t know what is! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen the fireworks show we watched from our boat in the middle of the lake–seriously so fun and festive!

One Piece

Also, to rep my Fourth of July, America loving pride, I’m rockin’ my Firecracker swimsuit from Target! Who says you have to wear red, white, and blue to be patriotic?

There’s something about this suit that actually makes me feel like a firecracker. As I mentioned before, one pieces are notorious for holding everything together and I think it gives me that extra boost of confidence to feel great in what I’m wearing! (see below picture for ALL OF THE SASS!)

Firecracker One Piece


Pool Day Accessories

And y’all. I never understood bathing suit accessories until today. But give me liberty and give me all the tassels! (Sorry Patrick Henry, there’s no “or” in this sentence–liberty AND tassels) I don’t know why it’s taken me almost twenty-six years to realize that accessories take any bathing suit to the next level. I may just wear these tassel earrings to the beach next week!

Pool Accessories


One Pieces at the Pool

One pieces aren’t just for moms (but how cute does my mom look in her’s?!) or Olympic swimmers. Anyone can rock a one piece this summer. So what are you waiting for? Shop some of my favorite one pieces below:  



  • I am loving the one piece look!! I am going to try to find one before I leave for the beach next week!

  • LOVE this one piece!

  • This is so cute! And I agree, I LOVE swimsuits! Though it is nice to let my pale belly see the sun every once in a while 🙂
    Looks like you’re having a great summer!

    Cassie’s Big Adventure

  • Love the suit AND those earrings!! Perfect for the 4th!

  • Jessica Battiato

    Ah I love the shade of red this suit is! So perfect for the 4th!! Enjoy being a firecracker today! Xoxo

  • Wow this is so cute… but, more importantly.. what a great price!! You rocked that one xx

  • One pieces are my favorite!! Love this one on you!

    Rachel /

  • I love one pieces, I don’t think they every truly go out of style. This one looks fab on you.

  • LOVE one pieces! I have a few favorites from Ashley Graham (plus size model), and LOVE them. They actually curve with your body. So amazing. Besides one pieces being awesome in general… those prices, yes please!

  • Love it!! So so cute! The color is beautiful and I agree! One pieces aren’t just for moms

    xx, Melissa

  • OMG your swimsuits looks so nice! I would totally wear it!

    Shi Hui | IreviewUread

  • Your swimsuits are adorable and I simply love that red color. I need to find nail polish in that color – it would look great with that suit. One piece suits look so much nicer on a woman. Very classy!

  • This is SO cute! I love that color and your tassel earrings!

  • OK YUP you’re adorable

    Coming Up Roses

  • You look so bomb girl! I LOVE one pieces and its so exciting to see so many cute ones this year

  • Lois Alter Mark

    Those are great looking bathing suits! I love that one pieces are in, too. Those earrings are pretty awesome with the suit!

  • whitney

    Love that color on you. I also just got a one piece for the summer, and it’s so much kid/family friendly!

  • Love all these one pieces! I need to get a new one piece this summer.

  • Andrea

    Seriously, that last pic of all 4 you sitting by the pool is just FANTASTIC!!!!!! Love all the one pieces! I’m a huge fan of one-piece swimsuits! Also, love your earrings! I now need to go shopping for a new one piece for the Summer! 🙂

  • I’ve never been a huge fan of one pieces on myself. I mostly just look at others and LOVE theirs. But I feel like they’ve made so many different styles now that there’s one that looks good on everyone. So I’m starting to think that I need to go get one. Maybe a LBOP (little black one piece? I don’t know, I tried)

  • Cynthia Nicoletti

    I only wear one piece bathing suits. Love the color of the firecracker and it looks fabulous on you !!

  • That suit is SO cute!

  • This is such a cute 1-piece bathing suit. The accessories look so well with it.

  • what a fun swimming suit love the color and the cut. You look gorgeous! I really want a suit like yours =)

  • I’m so happy that one piece suits have finally made a come back! They are seriously so much more comfortable to me. Not to mention there are some really fun ones these days!

    Molly // Miss Molly Moon

  • I’m not a bikini kid of girl so it’s great to hear one pieces are back in fashion. Love this colour although I’m not a big fan of writing on my clothing. More of a plain colour kid of girl

  • Yes to that suit! I think one pieces can be so flattering. I feel much more comfortable in one pieces a a whole lot less self conscious.

  • Candy Rachelle

    I really love this swimsuit. I normally try tho wear of the shoulder swimsuits to good my large arms. But this one is really cute!!!

  • Perla

    Such wonderful swimsuits, just the model I like for myself. Looks like you have a great time there this summer.

  • such a cute suit!! Happy 4th!

  • Taylor Mobley

    This is SUCH a cute swimsuit!! I love how you styled it with those cute earrings. Have a great holiday!

  • You are on FIRE! This suit looks so good on you!! I need to go to Target like now! & those tassle earrings are super cute! Love ya 🙂

  • I love that one piece suits are actually cute now! I much prefer to be a little more covered up. This suit, suits you perfectly .

  • I am lovin’ that bikini! You look fab!!

  • Jalisa Marie

    Haha I love how you say one pieces aren’t just for moms. I think just the same for bikini’s. Anyone can rock them.

  • Lauren

    I am so into one pieces this Summer too! Yours is so cute and I am loving that color on you!!


  • brittany

    OK… I think I’m going to buy this. How does the sizing run?

    • Allison

      I’m wearing a medium and only sized up because it’s got a lining in the “boob” area and mine didn’t fit in the small lol

  • Sounds like you’re doing summer right!! I need this swimsuit! It’s so cute and I’m glad one pieces are back in style!

  • Jos A

    Love these suits! I’ve had a hard time finding the perfect one piece, so I’ll definitely have to check these out!

  • Jessica Jacobowitz Weinberg

    Such a cute one piece suit! Hope you had a great 4th!
    xo Jessica

  • I am REALLY loving one pieces lately! You look adorable!

  • So glad one-pieces are a huge thing right now. You look so darn cute!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  • Such a cute suit. I too am into one pieces lately!!!


  • One pieces have always been my favorite. And I think watching fireworks from a boat is the best way to do it.

  • Kelsey H

    Ah I saw this suit at Target- so cute! xo

  • Kristine Circenis

    This suit is super cute and it was so perfect for the holiday festivities over the weekend.

  • Marie Andrea Goldstein

    This is such a cute bathing suit! Perfect for your holiday spent by the water.

  • Becca Talbot

    I’ve never really been into one piece swimming costumes, but this one looks great on you. Looks like you all had a lovely time by the pool too x

  • This is cute! Strangely, I’ve always felt more comfortable in 2 pieces (I feel like one pieces accentuate my love handles eek), but I am glad to see more simple swim suits coming back in!

  • Love that swimsuit! There are so many cute one pieces now!!