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5 Lessons You’ll Learn From Being a Homeowner

Happy one year (and a few days) of owning a house to us! I can’t believe we’re adult enough to own our house–much less for a year (and we didn’t have any major catastrophes)! It took us awhile to find the perfect house, but owning our own house has been equal parts amazing and frustrating. When something breaks, you are responsible. To fix it and pay for it. But you can also decorate it however you want, don’t have up and downstairs neighbors, and can virtually do whatever you want!

We’ve learned quite a few things in the past year; here are my top five:


We learned this lesson the hard way. It was the coldest week of Louisiana’s winter and we were leaving for even colder weather, Pittsburgh, PA.  Long story short, we didn’t wrap the pipes that were on the outside of the house (even though we shut the water off) and when we got back, we had no water! Luckily DSLD came out THAT night and fixed it, but still. Wrap your pipes people.


When I was little and my mom went out-of-town, my dad would make us do chores so when mom came home, she came home to a clean house. I never understood dusting and cleaning the baseboards until I owned my own house. Now I wish I had people who’d clean them for me! Touché dad,touché. But in all honesty, having dog-child that takes all of her toys out (and doesn’t pick them up) and sheds everywhere–I feel like I sweep and vacuum every weekend.


And your home won’t be HGTV perfect the day you move in. Or the month you move in. It’s constantly a work in progress. The perfect pieces take time to curate–and it’s more fun that way!

Rome wasn't built in a day and your house won't be HGTV perfect in a day either. But trust me, it's more fun that way! Click To Tweet
Tips for Owning a Home

I’ve met most of our neighbors by walking Laney around the neighborhood–she’s a great icebreaker! They’ll keep an eye on your house when you’re out of town and wave to you when you leave in the morning and return in the afternoon (I’m looking at you Mrs. Linda!)


We keep a running list of all of the things we want to buy for the house. From gutters, to a pergola, to upgrading a few of our TVs–if you want it goes on the list. We’ve been slowly checking things off of the list, but it helps us prioritize and dream big at the same time.

Homeowner TIps

Do you own your own house? I’d love to know what you learned after your first year (or years)!

  • Cute pictures! I do not own a home but I can only imagine how much there would be to do from what I’ve seen my brother and sister say and do.

  • I have a hard time with #3 and our house isn’t even done being built yet! I keep imagining our house perfectly set up with all the brand new furniture we don’t even own yet, but in reality I know it’s going to take a while! I’m so impatient haha.

  • We are renting a much bigger house than our current apartment soon and I know I will struggle with #3. I will want it perfect within three days and that’s just not even possible. Trying to remain realistic!

  • Stephanie Parrell

    I am saving to build in the next few years, there is so much to know and I feel overwhelmed just thinking about it. You should write a post on how not to stress about becoming a home owner. LOL

  • Hi! yes, we bought a house last summer. I joke that my husband is the crazy neighbour stalker because he created a map with peoples names on it so he doesn’t forget. Luckily, the lady across the street knows all the gossip and she’s really lovely and easy to talk too (prob why she knows all the gossip) so if anything goes down he waits to find out from his friend across the road :p

  • I’m not a homeowner yet but I can definitely see these all being lessons that I’ll learn too.

  • Rachel Ritlop

    Awe such cute pics!! I can’t wait to buy a house in the future!

  • This is a great post! And the pictures are all so sweet! Makes me very excited for the day that I own a home! =]

  • Rome wasn’t built in a day = biggest lesson for me too! It’s so easy to want everything set up and perfect right away but there’s always something with owning a home!

  • My husband and I recently moved into our first home and I love it so much, but boy you are so right! There is ALWAYS something to do, which has taken some getting used to. I am shy so I haven’t talked to our neighbors much, but really need to!

  • Neely

    There surely is always something to do, fix, redo etc!

  • I totally agree that there is always something to do. Things break, or get old, and need to be replaced. But I love being a homeowner, there’s a sense of having your own place that can’t be beat. 🙂

  • Brooke Pollard

    Lots of useful tips here for first time home buyers! So true that there’s ALWAYS something to do!

  • Samantha O’Brian Summers

    These are super helpful tips and I still have a list of to-do’s for our first house which is now our first rental.

  • We are renting right now but I can agree with some of these things! Great list! Definitely one I’ll remember when we get our first home.

  • Taylor Mobley

    Getting to know our neighbors was one of my favorite parts of out new place! It is so important and really makes it feel like home.

  • Sarah Emily

    these are all so true and keeping a running list is a great tip! We are always watching HGTV for various decor/diy projects to do around our place. I think the worst part about being a homeowner is probably the fact that there isn’t anyone to blame when something breaks!

  • I am so excited to own my own house one day! Growing up I was moved every year or so because we only rented, and whilst it can be fun, it was also very draining and nowhere truly felt like ‘home’.

    My biggest goal in life is to have a place that I can call my own, that will always be there waiting for me, and that I can have total control over! I had never even heard of wrapping your pipes before, so thanks for that tip!

  • Nazrin Miah

    I am so happy you have taken this step in your life! Properties are the best investments you can make!

    In this day and age I am scared I will never see the day where I am my own home owner!

    Many congratulations to you for crossing this off your goals list!!!!