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Smile Bright Like a Diamond: A Teeth Whitening Review

This teeth whitening review is sponsored by Smile Brilliant.

I have a new favorite. Favorite wine that is. I never thought in a million years that I’d drink red wine, but I now consider myself an adult and thus, drink red wine. And coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. Did you read this post? 

With these two (maybe not so) awesome habits under my belt, I ran into a teeny, tiny problem–not so white teeth. Coffee stains and red wine stains are not the best look for this girl. When I came across Smile Brilliant‘s custom-fitted teeth whitening trays, I knew it wasn’t a coincidence! 

My favorite thing about the whole system is the fact that you get to feel like a dentist/orthodontist and make an impression of your teeth all by yourself. Goals. Also, it’s great for maintaining the white smile you already have!

There are so many benefits to having custom fitted teeth whitening trays (playing dentist aside)–my favorite being that The Smile Brilliant gel isn’t sticky or messy. It doesn’t ooze out of the sides and it gets every nook and cranny. It’s also a super affordable system. If you’re looking for an easy “how to remove coffee stains or how to whiten sensitive teeth” this system is for you. The system is even great for removing tobacco stains (not that I have to worry about that)!

I already wear a retainer because I recently got my braces off, so I’m used to the feeling of a “tray” like thing on my teeth. For me, the “tray” feels more natural than trying to keep a strip in place–I have a habit of moving my tongue around my retainer (TMI) and the strips just don’t cut it for me.

I want whiter teeth. You want whiter teeth. Check out the Smile Brilliant system today and professionally white your teeth at home–but don’t just take it from me, watch Kelli’s testimonial.

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