Added to My Netflix List

Life lately has consisted of work (work work work work), cleaning the house (always), and getting lost in various books. The dream life y’all. Sometimes I’m so busy, I forget that we pay monthly for Netflix (and that I have a blog–oops sorry y’all). The hubs quickly reminds me, however, that if I’m not going to watch it, he’s going to cancel it–Netflix and not so chill.

Lesson learned: I need to visit Netflix more often because I almost Redbox(ed) Bridget Jones’s Baby when I could’ve watched it fo’ free! (And lately, I’m all about the budget life)

Here’s what I’ve added to my Netflix list as of late:

Bridget Jones’s Baby:Β Sometimes I’m scared to admit that I love the witty, but mostly crude humor of Bridget Jones. And I typically only watch these films with a glass of wine and when Josh is out of town. He’s not really a Bridget Jones fan. As I mentioned before, I was going to Redbox this very movie tonight–the thought of saving $1.19 makes it oh so worth it already.

The BFG: For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Roald Dahl classic, BFG stands for Big Friendly Giant. I would read and re-read the book when I was little multiple times a year. Here’s hoping Disney’s take on the classic brings my childhood to life.

Grace and Frankie: One of my favorite Netflix original series. Season Three is out and if you haven’t already watched Seasons 1 + 2, what are you waiting for? It’s hilarious and the only regret you have will be watching a whole season or two in a day!

Also on my list: The Secret Life of Pets (which I saw in theaters and is super cute) and Homeward Bound (which is bound to make me cry). I clearly like movies about animals this week!

What else would you add to my list?


  • Casey

    I’ve heard about Grace and Frankie (that it’s hilarious and a must-watch) but haven’t dug into it yet. I’ve been loving the latest season of Death in Paradise. A great mystery show about a British detective stationed in the Carribean…

  • Ophelia Keith

    I promised myself some Netflix this weekend if I got my blog posts done and now I’ve got some great ideas. I can’t wait to watch Bridget Jones’ Baby!!

  • The Secret Life of Pets is on Netflix? Well, now I know what i’m doing with the rest of my afternoon. I alwayyyys forget to search Netflix. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  • I got rid of my Netflix subscription years ago, but I might need to reactivate it again to catch up on some of these!

  • I’m laughing, because I also do the whole forget to watch thing… We did end up canceling, but some things have calmed down a bit, we should have more time, and are just talking about reviving it!

  • Megan

    I LOVE Bridget Jones. The first movie is my favourite though as with most movies. I’ve been looking for a new show but have been let down my quite a few of the Netflix originals (looking at you Riverdale.) So Grace and Frankie might have to be my new thing.

  • Alicia

    So fun! My husband & I started “13 Reasons Why” despite all the controversy….I actually really like it so far, but we’re just on the 4th episode! We also like a lot of the documentaries!

  • Ivelisse Estes

    I haven’t seen any of these but I think I saw the first Bridget Jones movie years ago. I may have to re-watch it.
    Ivelisse | CarnationDreams.com

  • I still have yet to watch the BFG! Glad to know it’s on Netflix! :D!! I definitely want to see The Secret Life of Pets + Homeward Bound too! :]!

  • Grace and Frankie is SO funny!

  • Jhumki Nag

    Loved Grace and Frankie. Also saw the BFG. But did not see the first one. I will watch it this weekend for sure.

  • Okay how did I not know Secret Life of Pets and Homeward Bound were on Netflix? Definitely watching those ASAP! I’m binging Gilmore Girls at the moment. My sister was raving about Grace and Frankie, so I’ll probably check it out soon.

  • I love Grace & Frankie! I watched BFG with my sisters a couple weeks ago and we weren’t really fans of it, but also never read the book. I had NO idea Bridget Jones’ Baby was on Netflix now though. That’s the best news!!

  • Mackenzie with mackmarie.com

    GIRLLL, I relate to this so well right now. Thank you for the suggestions- I’m in desperate need of some new shows to watch. can’t wait to get started on these!!!