Let’s Have Coffee

About a year ago, I gave up caffeine. No morning coffee. No mid-afternoon energy drinks. Nothing. Nada. After picking up the habit again on our honeymoon in Jamaica (there are worse things), I’m hooked and have a coffee (sometimes two) a day. So, let’s have some coffee while I tell you how my life’s been lately. (I already have my coffee, so I’ll wait until you pour your drink of choice.) 

Spoiler alert: I just want to talk about things like grocery shopping and decorating the house–if this isn’t your thing, feel free to skip our coffee date!

Starbucks Coffee

Where do I begin. I feel like everything happens and then nothing happens all at the same time. We’re settling into married life very nicely–it’ll be three months on Friday! Oh how time flies when you’re having fun. I will say this though, being married is hard. Not in the I have to force myself to love my husband everyday way. But, more in the sense that it’s hard to not be selfish all the time. Real talk.

Our house is starting to become a home. When I drive into our neighborhood everyday after work, I still can’t believe I’m old enough to have my own house. We’ve been here for almost a year and yet, it still doesn’t feel real! We’re weighing the pros and cons of getting a fence over a boat shed over a pergola. You know priorities. So, this is what being a grown up feels like. I have a ton of things I want to do around the house (buffet, art work for the walls, new coffee table, etc.), but it’ll be a work in progress until the day we sell it!

Some of our close friends are starting to have babies which kinda sorta makes me maybe want to have one. But really, I think I just want another puppy. I’ll just leave this here.

SIDE NOTE: Does anyone have trouble drinking a whole cup of coffee before it gets cold?

I’m kicking ass at work. We’ve all agreed that while my “Boss Manager” title was an office joke at one point, it’s actually valid now. And it feels damn good. It’s nice to be able to help the husband bring home the bacon and feel like you’re contributing to your lifestyle. #girlboss

I got rid of my Anytime Fitness gym membership and have got a gym membership at a local club and OMG it has changed my life. Not kidding, not even a little bit. I go to almost all of the classes and my dad took my sisters and I shopping at Lululemon for Valentine’s Day–which in case you were wondering, has further fueled my gym obsession. The gym has a sauna, a steam room, a pool and tennis courts. Like what?

Also, I got a library card (super nerd alert). Laugh all you want, but when you’re ballin’ on a budget, you’d do anything to read the latest and greatest for FREE!

I think that about covers what’s new with me! I look forward to our next coffee date when we can catch up! Until then, follow me on Instagram or Twitter (P.S. I’m obsessed with Instagram stories)!

P.P.S. While I typically drink coffee from my Keurig, my go to Starbucks order is a Breve White Mocha (iced or hot).

  • I just played with my boyfriend’s best friend’s two year old son all weekend (and I’m working with kids this semester) and I’m just like “can I haz all the babies, plz?” But truthfully, I can only handle my pooches right now. Ha! Side note – I pop my coffee in the microwave an average of three times per cup. Just sayin…

  • Megan

    I’m seriously impressed with all your gymming. I keep seeing your tweets and it is inspiring me to get up and active. Also I think you are pretty brave for giving up coffee…I’m not sure I could do it!

  • You go girl! So glad things are going so well for you. I know, when did we get old enough to be real adults?!

  • I love this! It sounds like you’re kicking ass all over the place. 🙂

  • I rarely ever get to the bottom of a cup before it gets cold! And YES for being a boss at work. Get it giiiiirl.

  • What is this Breve White Mocha you speak of?

  • Ericka

    Adult/married life is no joke. Last year we got ourselves a new roof for Christmas. Exciting stuff. I totally get it 🙂 And I heat my coffee about 3 times every morning because I never finish it before it gets cold. I think I need to start using a cup with a lid so it stays warmer longer!