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A Backyard Wedding: All in the Details

Happy Wednesday! No really, HAPPY WEDNESDAY because WE GOT OUR WEDDING PICTURES BACK! As soon as I looked through them I was filled with so much pride and love and I was instantly brought back to my wedding day. To be honest, I almost cried a little. I could seriously look at them all day long. Our backyard wedding was everything I wanted it to be and more!

We spent A LOT of time only choosing things necessary and important to us for our wedding. If it didn’t have a story, it didn’t belong (and wouldn’t be) in our wedding.

Buckle in and hang on for the ride–there’s a ton of pictures!

Vintage Inspired Wedding Ring

Josh picked out my ring all by himself and had so many reasons WHY it was THE ring. For one, he knew I wanted a halo. He also knew that I love all things vintage and the filigree on the side of my ring is reminiscent of my grandmother’s ring. Also, on the sides of my ring, there are little scrolls that almost look like a heart. He clearly knew what he was doing and I wouldn’t change my ring for the world.

Wedding Decor: Bringing the Inside Out

This piece of furniture came straight out of my parents living room–complete with picture frames and little tchotchkes. Having an outdoor wedding when the weather can be so unpredictable meant that blankets were a must and thankfully umbrellas were not!

Winter Wedding Details

Winter Wedding Details

Winter Wedding Flower Centerpieces

Lucky for us, my mom has a bit of a lantern problem and a penchant for flower arrangements. We did not have to buy or rent one vase or lantern for the entire wedding. Yep, all from my mom. INCREDIBLE, RIGHT?! The centerpieces were all pieced together by my wonderful aunt and cousin who also got the “flower arrangement” gene, with leftover flowers from my bouquet (and sticks and leaves from the yard).

Hand-painted Wedding Signs

Outdoor Wedding Sign

All of these signs, that would’ve cost me a fortune on Etsy, were hand-painted by my crafty uncle! The wood was sourced from my dad’s scrap pile in the garage. Thank goodness my family has a slight hoarding problem (see lanterns above).

The chocolate chip cookies served as Josh’s “groom’s cake” because he doesn’t actually like cake. Give him a chocolate chip cookie and cold glass of milk any day and he’s one happy camper.

Cookie Groom's Cake
Winter Wedding Centerpieces

Winter Flowers for Wedding
I seriously can’t with how beautiful these centerpieces turned out. I believe my mom has no less than 50 lanterns in her possession and ALL of them were used for the wedding.

Centerpiece Ideas for Winter Wedding

Wedding Seating Area
Backyard Wedding

The fact that our wedding was in my family’s backyard, should tell you how sentimental I am. But when your parents build a pool house, the yard turns into an instant venue almost automatically.

FUN FACT: My dad built ALL of the benches for our ceremony. Another FUN FACT: We laid so many pallets of sod, that it would make your head spin.

Ceremony Seating

Winter Outdoor Wedding

Those urns, yep. You guessed it. They are part of my mom’s typical front porch decor. The “J” and the “A” came from Hobby Lobby and were gold glitter!

This hanging table was made from the shutters of my parents first house. Not only did my dad build the table from the shutters, but he actually made the shutters too!

I almost feel like my flowers need an entire post on their own because they are literally that fabulous, but we (my bridesmaids and I) actually MADE our own bouquets! But, more on that later!

Winter Wedding Bouquet

Wedding Cake and Cake Topper

My mom found my cake stand at an antique market and it was the perfect accent to my “naked cake.” I liked it so much, that I included two pictures in this post!

Winter Wedding Cake

You don’t remember much from your wedding day–it goes by in such a blur. But, it helps to have a wonderfully talented photographer, Brittany Schlamp, talented family members, and a planner who takes your vision for “epic Pinterest backyard wedding” and makes it come true!

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