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Monday Motivation

Let’s face it. Sunday scaries are a real thing. They can be a major downer on your weekend and leave you in need of some MAJOR Monday motivation. I’ll confess, Sunday scaries are something that haunt me, more often than I’d like to admit. Weekends are supposed to be for forgetting about the work week not worrying about the next one…right?

So today I made a decision. A decision to not let the Sunday scaries get to me and to have a great Monday regardless of what gets thrown at me. After all, worrying gets you nowhere and doesn’t change what’s going to happen tomorrow. It just gives you something to do when you have better things to do and cooler ways to spend your time.

Monday motivation

A huge factor in this mindset shift has to do with the music I was listening to. It’s not a secret that music can affect your mood. So why do we sometimes neglect to motivate ourselves with music or turn to music last?

When I’m listening to a great playlist that makes me feel like I can take on the world, I really feel like I can, TAKE ON THE WORLD. Throw in some songs from the 90s, my angst-y years as a teenagers, and jams from today and you’ve got a winner!

So, sit back. Get a glass of wine, fold some clothes, listen to this playlist and get ready for Monday. (All things I will be doing tonight)

Because guess what? YOU CAN TOTALLY HANDLE WHATEVER IS COMING TOMORROW! And, if you need a refresher, listen to this playlist tonight, tomorrow on your way to work, while you’re at work, gym, and every moment in between!

P.S. Did anyone besides me listen to Jock Jams in middle school/high school? If so, you’ll want to check out this playlist. It’s guaranteed to make your week better.

  • Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew

    Love this! Totally checking out this playlist at work tomorrow ??

  • I love your attitude – I used to have the Sunday scaries all the time and I really let them get to me, which lead to my Sunday always being a disaster. I don’t do that any more, because just like you I decided to not let them get to me any more and it really works. Listening to my favorite Music is key for me as well – and just like you I like mixing it up with “Oldies” and newer songs! What can I say, great minds think alike! Happy Monday xxx

  • Love this soundtrack! Gonna make a fall version of my own, really love these choices too! 🙂 happy monday!

  • Shelly

    Okay, we must be in the same age group if you were listening to jock jams in high school! 😉

    I love the idea of a Sunday playlist. Back when I was a teacher I’d get MEGA anxiety on Sunday nights. I had to cut out caffeine from my diet cause it made it made it even worse! On my Monday morning drive I listened to all the songs that made me feel like a bad-ass. Haha. It helped a little.

  • Nice! Never heard of the term Sunday scaries – but I like it. Gotta kick ’em in the butt! Thanks for the Monday motivation!!

  • This playlist is so awesome! I lovelovelove Thomas Rhett and that song! Hope you have a great week! xo

  • Lady Marmalade is one of my favourite songs! I blast it whenever I hear it! YES! Another good playlist is the Throwback Thursday one! I remember dancing to so many of the songs on there! Kind of funny how I can remember song lyrics from years ago, but I can’t remember something I supposedly “learned” last week!

  • Divya @ Eat. Teach. Blog.

    Haahah, that Juju song. Hilarious.

    Don’t you feel that the anticipation of Monday is way worse than Monday itself?

  • What a fun Monday motivation playlist! I always need a good playlist for Mondays.

  • AmphoriaBello

    I listened to this while I was putting on my makeup this AM! Thank you for the Monday Motivation!

  • Leslie Nichole

    I’m loving your list. I’ve heard Vacation a few times and i fell in love with it. I think this is a great way to atart off a Monday .

  • Oh I love a good playlist when I’m doing a few much need chores. Thanks for the great music!

  • Jessica Hughes

    What a fun and motivational playlist!

  • Allison Lancaster

    Vacation is one of my favorite songs right now!

  • Kimberly Lewis (Lou Lou Girls)

    I love it!

  • OMG Breakthrough by Hope 7 was my jam back in the day!

    Alix |

  • Lauren Norton

    I love this playlist! Moulin Rouge and Fight Song always get me feeling sassy and ready to get stuff done. I don’t really have weekends since I go to school all week and then work on weekends so this will be a good everyday motivation playlist for me. 😛

    xoxo Lauren @ Glitter & Grandeur

  • I’ve never heard the term “Sunday scaries,” but I know exactly what you mean! It’s hard not to let the looming week spoil your Sunday sometimes, but it’s totally not worth it. Thanks for sharing this awesome playlist!

  • I only know a fraction of the music on this list (like broccoli, what is that song?!) Also, hi my name is Charlotte and I am a dinosaur 🙂

    Thanks for sharing; I get Sunday Scaries all the time. I’m trying to prep for the week ahead by carving out a few hours on Saturdays/Sundays to blog post scheduling–that has helped a lot!

  • You can’t feel down with a Lady Marmalade on your playlist, that’s a scientific fact. Trust me, I’m a lizzard 🙂

  • I love finding new playlists! Definitely have to listen to this one, it looks like a good mix of rap, pop, and alternative music which is right up my alley!

    Kayla |

  • DT

    Music is a great way to pick up mood 🙂 Gonna check out your playlist!

    — DT | Here I Scribble

  • Great playlist! Will definitely listen to it on Monday, can always use some motivation 🙂