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Happy Cinco de Mayo! I have work today and tomorrow meaning no tequila for this girl. Luckily, I was able to get my fiesta fill this weekend and put together some yummy, super simple margarita recipes (with ingredients MOST people can find in their fridge).  
If you’re like me and will only be celebrating at home with minimal tequila and extra chips and salsa (don’t forget the guac), don’t worry–these recipes can be used for any fiesta or pool party you throw this summer! 

Blackberry Lime Margarita

Fresh Blackberries
Sea Salt

Blend the lime juice, fresh blackberries, tequila, and honey until smooth. Pour into a glass with your choice of salt or sugar around the rim (I love salt). And y’all the honey really adds a different kick to it and I’m obsessed.

Classic Margarita

Sea Salt

Pro Tip: Go easy on the tequila. You can always add more. In hindsight, I would have added way more lime to mine! For this recipe you don’t actually need to blend anything–although I did add all to my shaker and gave it a few shakes to mix it up. 

Mango Margarita

Mango (frozen)
Sea Salt

This recipe was a little trickier — only because the mango bits were harder to blend (allow to thaw)  I added a bit of water to the mixture to make it easier to pour. I like most of my margaritas on the rocks, but if you are more of a frozen kind of girl you can easily leave it slushy (and for all of the other recipes, add ice to the blender!)

Strawberry Margarita

Fresh Strawberries
Sea Salt
Lime (optional)

Probably one of most favorite ones–I love fresh strawberries! I squeezed a little bit of lime juice in this one, but like I mentioned earlier, you can always add more or less to taste!

Don’t forget the tequila shots! 

By the way, is Cinco de Mayo ever on a weekend? I mean come on–Mother’s Day is ALWAYS on a Sunday. Don’t worry, the next one (on a Friday) is May 2017.  I checked. Until then, I’ll wait to fiesta on the weekends! 

  • Did you know that Cinco de Mayo, is a US holiday? Hispanic countries don't even celebrate it! I found that out in my Spanish class this morning, because my teacher is Colombian, and I just thought that was pretty funny. Any excuse for Americans to party (:

  • I love this round up of margaritas! Yum!

  • That's so crazy! I think I remember learning that, but exactly…any excuse to party 🙂

  • Margaritas are always a good idea! I have work tomorrow too, but I am celebrating tonight. Luckily I work for my dad and he will be celebrating with us so maybe he will let me go in a little late tomorrow!

  • I need one stat!! Lol I love margaritas.

  • Yum that blackberry one sounds awesome!

  • Oye margaritas! reminds of that Joe Nicoles song "Tequila makes her clothes fall off".. not that, that's happened to me of course. 🙂

  • That spread looks great! I will have ants in my pants all day looking forward to my fiesta dinner!

    The Lady Lawyer

  • I love absolutely everything about this post. You had me at the margaritas. (FYI your pictures are PHENOMENAL!!!)

  • These look so yummy!!! Cinco de Mayo is one of my favorite "holidays" LOL!! My daughter's first birthday is this weekend and we are having a taco bar and I'm serving specialty margaritas – some of these might sneak their way in!!

  • So much fun! I love this! Happy CDM!! XO


  • Mango Margaritas are my fave!

  • These all look and sound amazing!! I could go for a strawberry margarita right now!

  • Those drinks look AMAZING! Very refreshing and delicious! I love fresh tortilla chips with fresh salsa or guac! One of my favorite things to celebrate! Hope you have an awesome week! Love your post!

  • Ok. Of course cinco de mayo is an American holiday but we still love to celebrate it. 🙂 I just wrote about this the other day. Your photos are amazing. Makes me want to join your party.

  • These all look and sound delicious! The perfect Cinco de Mayo post! I want to be invited to your next fiesta! 🙂


  • I want to drink all of them! Great recipes – I'll pin it!

  • Wow – look at what you did! I would love to just take a taste of each one of these drinks with chips and guac! Thank you for the recipe – fun post and hope your Cinci de Mayo was great – even as you worked! 🙂

  • Those look delicious! I love your pro tip too 😉

  • Have fun while I'm crying into my organic chemistry textbook…

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  • I consider the margarita to be my very favorite alcoholic beverage and I've never thought to put honey in mine, how much should I add just like a spoonful? Obviously I have to try all these recipes now! Also these photos are fabulous!!

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  • Seriously my fave too. I want to have another pool party that's fiesta themed just for the margs and chips and salsa!

  • Lol any excuse to FIESTA!

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  • You're welcome! Enjoy!

  • Haha gotta be careful with that tequila!

  • Aww! It's almost over and then just think…SUMMER!

  • These. Look. AMAZEBALLS. I'm pinning these recipes and taking them to the fiance's tonight! Just call us margaritaville this weekend…

  • I've GOT to try that blackberry lime margarita. Really, all of these are making me thirsty.

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  • The blackberry lime sounds amazing! Thanks for linking up with us for the Best of the Blogosphere. We'd love to see you back tomorrow!

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