Perfect End to a Productive Weekend

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t proud of myself this weekend. 
Here’s why.

I finally got my apartment clean. (insert tears of joy) Yep! A project that has been a few weeks months in the works is finally complete! All of the clothes washed, all of the pine needles (from my Christmas tree–hello it IS almost February) vacuumed.

Huge accomplishment.
And what better way to celebrate than hanging out with the boyfriend watching the Grammy’s/ProBowl (if there’s a football game on, you better believe Joshua is watching it), eating pizza and drinking (my new found love) beer–or in my case Redd’s Apple Ale. 
And pretending we are back in college at a date party 🙂
Not too shabby of a Sunday night. 
I love nights like this where we both pretend we don’t have work in the morning and let loose (read: sing all the songs preformed on the Grammy’s and giving a running commentary) It may not sound like much, but for me it’s all about the little things!

It really was a #sundayfunday

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